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Yellow PigmentNatural Plant Pigment

Yellow pigment is gardenia yellow pigment, which is extracted from the genus Gardenia fruit garden of a natural plant pigment, accounting for 10% of the weight of the fruit, the basic ingredients of the possession of cyanine (C40O22H54) and possession of acid (C20O4H24 ). Cryptophylline is the only nature of the existence of a water-soluble carotenoids, in the human body can be converted to vitamin A. Gardenia yellow pigment can prevent linoleic acid oxidation, safe, stable, non-toxic, no side effects.

Yellow pigment and anthocyanin are the same as benzoyl derivatives, but also a glycoside, sugar is glucose or rhamnose, glycosides chemical called flavonoids or flavonols.

Flavonoids, flavonols are yellow crystals, flavanones, flavanols are colorless crystals, are soluble in water.

Yellow pigment is widely found in the flowers, leaves, stems and fruits of plants, mostly yellow. It is easy to change the color with metal ions, which is very important in food processing, especially canned. The yellow pigment is also easily oxidized in the air, producing a brown precipitate, which is a cause of turbidity in the juice.

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