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What Are The Main Factors Affecting Organic Pigments In Impurities?

  What are the main factors affecting organic pigments in impurities?

  (1) Traces of aromatic amines: the production of organic pigments, the inevitable presence of trace aromatic amines, national laws and regulations on this have a corresponding content restrictions, such as food packaging materials, pigments of aromatic amine content can not exceed 500ppm, for some heavy nitrogen will be decomposed into carcinogenic mak-ⅲa aromatic amine azo pigments, more attention should be paid to its toxicity.

  (2) Trace amount of heavy metals: As early as 1973, the American Dye Production Association (DCMA) conducted a comprehensive test and study on heavy metals in the American market, indicating that the content of heavy metals in pigments was low and in line with the standards prescribed by law.

  (3) Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB): In the United States and the European Union for polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are very restrictive, because these compounds are widely distributed and toxic and long-lasting, the typical two evil cause (dioxin) has caused the European four countries milk and dairy market panic, trace PCB mainly exists in two kinds of pigments, namely: azo pigments (including chlorobenzene, two chlorine or four benzidine), using two chlorobenzene or three chlorobenzene as the solvent production of organic pigments, these can be produced by side effects of the PCB trace.

  To sum up, under normal conditions the organic pigments have no acute toxicity to the life body and the toxicity after repeated contact, and there is no obvious mutagenicity and carcinogenicity, which consists of 3, 3 '-Two-chloro-benzidine as azo-type organic pigments produced by diazo components, so the German government banned colorants only dyes on July 15, 1994, without organic pigments, it is clear that the pigment made from organic pigments, or pigment paste, is also safe and will not break down the harmful aromatic amines under special conditions, however, as a product of organic pigments, added components or additives must be noted, because the test found that they tend to have a toxic effect on organic pigments, the raw materials for the manufacture of organic pigments are also tightly controlled and cannot be brought into the body's harmful aromatic amines.

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