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What Are The Heat Resistance Properties Of Organic Pigments?

Organic pigments in the plastics industry has been widely used, however, plastic coloring with organic pigment performance evaluation indicators are still using ink, paint and other systems of the index system, this indicator system for plastic coloring is not enough, what Indicators to evaluate the application of organic pigments in the performance of plastics, how to characterize and determine these indicators, the domestic organic pigments and foreign similar products compared to how the level, which is the plastic processing plant is also the organic pigment manufacturers are very concerned about the problem.

We believe that tinting, dispersibility, processability and heat resistance are the main indicators that determine the performance of organic pigments in plastics. Thus, we pass a series of experiments on the color strength, dispersibility, processability and heat resistance of organic pigments And other indicators were measured and characterized the initial exploration, and will be part of the domestic pigment and foreign similar products were compared.

The heat resistance of the pigment is the characteristic of the pigment itself and the color change of the plastic after the coloring of the pigment. The main factors that affect the heat resistance of the pigment are its own chemical structure, molecular polarity, molecular weight, etc., or when heated and other Additives such as chemical reactions occur.

There are many ways to evaluate the heat resistance of organic pigments. In this experiment, the materials were prepared at 200 ℃, 240 ℃, 260 ℃ and 280 ℃ in the process of injection molding pigment pigments (0.4% pigment) Injection machine screw storage section for 5min and then the color of the injection, through the high-precision colorimeter on the color palette for color test to 200 ℃ color parameters as a benchmark, compared to other temperatures when the injection of subtle Color change, that is, color, and domestic products and foreign products for comparison.

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