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These Properties Are Important When Organic Pigments Are Colored In Poly-hydrocarbon Plastics

  These properties are important when organic pigments are colored in poly-hydrocarbon plastics.

  Organic pigments are a system engineering for the coloring of polyolefin plastics, so what are the basic requirements for organic pigments used in the coloring of polyolefin plastics? Therefore, the properties of organic pigments are very important when they are stained with polyolefin plastics.

  1. Color performance. Color characteristics include relative tinting power, saturation, brightness, and transparency.

  2, heat resistance. There is no noticeable change of shade, tinting power and performance during certain processing temperature and in a certain time. Plastic coloring and ink and paint coloring The biggest difference is that most of the plastic coloring molding has a heating process, pigments in plastic molding often heat will occur structural decomposition, color changes, but also affect its light resistance and mobility.

  3. Light resistance and weatherability. Light resistance refers to the ability of organic pigments and polymer systems to retain their color in daylight. The main reason for the change of organic pigments in daylight is the damage caused by ultraviolet and visible light to the coloring products. Weather resistance refers to the organic pigments and polymer system through the sun exposure, in the nature of the temperature and rain, dew of the Swiss effect of the color change. The weathering properties of organic pigments include light resistance, but the light resistance does not include weathering resistance.

  4, dispersion. Dispersibility refers to the ability of organic pigments to disperse uniformly in plastics during the process of plastic coloring, where dispersion is the ability to reduce the aggregates and the size of the aggregate to the ideal size by wetting the organic pigments.

  5, resistance to mobility. Mobility refers to the phenomenon that organic pigments migrate from the inside of plastics to the surface or from a plastic interface to other plastics.

  6. Contraction and warp. In the process of plastic injection, the molecular orientation along the flow direction of the melt is larger than that of the vertical flow direction, and there will be a very obvious contraction type. Organic pigments will have an effect on plastic type change.

  7, acid, alkali, solvent resistance, chemical resistance. The stability of organic pigments and polymer systems for acid, alkali, solvent and chemical drugs.

  8, security. Plastic coloring should meet the requirements of product safety, environmental protection and health, and meet the requirements of the laws and regulations of various countries and regions to control chemical substances. The so-called plastic coloring is the selected pigments of various variables (varieties, dosage) to adjust the ability to reproduce the visual characteristics of the known color, reasonable price and feasible, and in the processing of molding and product use in line with the requirements, which requires a lot of industry skills, know-how and expert knowledge. The same color, pigment selection suitable, good quality and low cost, color selection is not appropriate, the quality of the coloring is not good, while the cost is high. In order to ensure the quality of coloring, it is an extremely disturbing problem to optimize the performance of pigments, the application of objects, the application of recipes and the comprehensive change of the application process to select the right pigments and to achieve the optimal coloring cost.

  We understand the basic properties of organic pigments for the colouring of polyolefin plastics, so the vast number of pigment purchasers must be cautious when purchasing pigments, consider all factors comprehensively, and hope that today's content can help you!

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