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The Similarities And Differences Between Organic Pigments And Dyes

  The similarities and differences between organic pigments and dyes

  Organic pigments and dyes are colored organic compounds, from the organic pigment and dye chemical structure, the two are very similar, and even some organic compounds can be used as a dye can also be used as organic pigments, but organic pigments and dyes do Are two different concepts, the difference between them is mainly application performance is different. The traditional use of dyes is the dyeing of textiles, while the traditional use of pigments is to non-textiles (such as: ink, paint, paint, plastic, rubber, etc.) coloring. This is because the dye on the textile affinity (or direct), can be fiber molecules adsorption, fixation; and pigment on all the coloring objects are no affinity, mainly by resin, adhesives and other film-forming substances and coloring objects Together. Dye in the course of the general use of the first dissolved in the use of media, even the disperse dyes or vat dyes, in the dyeing also experienced a crystal state from the first dissolved in water into a molecular state and then dyed on the fiber on the process. Therefore, the color of the dye itself does not represent its color on the fabric. Pigment in the course of the use, because it is insoluble in the use of media, so always the original crystal state exists. Thus, the color of the pigment itself represents its color in the substrate. Because of this, the crystal state of the pigment is important for the pigment, and the crystal state of the dye is less important, or the crystal state of the dye itself is not closely related to its dyeing behavior.

  Pigments and dyes are different concepts, but in specific cases, they can be generic. Such as certain anthraquinone reducing dyes, which are insoluble dyes but are also pigmented after being pigmented. Such dyes, known as pigment dyes, or dyestuffs.

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