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The Main Use Of Iron Oxide

Used in paint, rubber, plastics, construction and color are inorganic pigments, used as a pigment in the coating industry. Used as a coloring agent for rubber, artificial marble, terrazzo, plastic, asbestos, artificial leather, leather wipe paste colorants and auxiliaries, precision instruments, optical glass polishing agents and raw material for manufacture of magnetic ferrite components, and so on.
Machine used in the electronics industry, communications, television, computers, and other magnetic materials and line output transformers, switching power supply and its high u and UQ of ferrite cores
Used as an analytical reagent, catalyst and polishing agents, also used to pigment ingredients;
For all kinds of pills, pill sugar-coat dress
For magnetic materials, pigments and preparation of reducing agents, polishing agents, catalysts and other used tablets sugar coating and colouring of the capsule
Used as a paint pigment. This product is made of micaceous iron oxide antirust paint good water resistance, excellent rust resistance, can replace the red lead

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