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The Difference Between Inorganic Pigments And Organic Pigments

  The difference between inorganic pigments and organic pigments

  Inorganic pigments are non-ferrous metal oxides, or some metal insoluble metal salts, inorganic pigments are divided into natural inorganic pigments and artificial inorganic pigments, natural inorganic pigments are mineral pigments.

  Organic pigments are colored organic compounds and are also divided into natural and synthetic categories. Now commonly used is the synthesis of organic pigments, organic pigments and more varieties, more complete color, performance is better than inorganic pigments.

  Inorganic pigments are mainly carbon black and metal oxides or salts of iron, titanium, barium, zinc, cadmium, lead and the like.

  Organic pigments can be divided into single azo, bisazo, lake, phthalocyanine or fused ring pigment and other categories.

  Inorganic pigments Light fastness, heat resistance, weather resistance, solvent resistance, hiding power, but the chromatography is not very complete, low color strength, bright color difference, part of the metal salt and oxide toxicity.

  Organic pigment structure and diverse, complete color chromatography, bright color pure, strong color, but some products light, weather, solvent resistance is poor, high-grade organic pigments are also very good light resistance, weather resistance, solvent resistance, but expensive.

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