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Tell You What Pigment Extraction Method Of Organic Pigment

Pigments from the chemical composition can be divided into two big categories of inorganic and organic pigments, which sources can be divided into natural and synthetic pigments. Natural pigments to mineral sources, such as cinnabar, realgar, and laterite, Malachite Green, and ground calcium carbonate folk painting pigments, Wollastonite, talc, mica, kaolin, barite powder, and so on. Biological sources, such as from animals: cochineal, natural Pearl White; from plants: Garcinia cambogia, Alizarin red, Indigo, etc. Through synthetic synthetic pigments, such as titanium dioxide, Lithopone, lead chromate, tielan, inorganic pigments, as well as pretty in pink, light yellow, copper phthalocyanine, quinacridone, organic pigments.
Plastic toner is extracted from some of the oil, the most familiar part of PC material is extracted from petroleum, PC material in there is a smell of gasoline when burned; ABS is extracted from coal, ABS will burn out was soot-like; POM is extracted from natural gas, POM will burn there is a smell of very smelly gas.

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