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Superfine Iron Oxide Yellow

Iron oxide yellow is various color of protection cover, iron oxide yellow pigment applies Yu various paint coloring and protection material, including water both inside and outside wall paint, and powder paint,; also can applies Yu oily paint including also oxygen, and alkyd, and amino, various primer surface paint; also can for toy paint, and decorative paint, and furniture paint, and electrophoresis paint and enamel, these items surface application iron oxide yellow Hou, color easily back, increased color of gorgeous degrees.
Experts in recent years by changing the preparation of iron oxide Topaz species using Na2CO3 part instead of normal precipitation with NaOH solution of ferrous sulfate and access air oxidation to produce seed; and adding a small amount of Zn2+ salts as a regulator of crystal structure in order to change the grain particle morphology, low water absorption, high density characteristics. Yellow iron oxide into a low water absorption of heavy iron oxide yellow pigment preparation process.

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