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Red PigmentType Introduction

⑴ inorganic red pigment ① iron red iron red molecular formula for the Fe2O3. It has excellent pigment properties, high hiding power (second only to carbon black), better chemical resistance (only in hot acid), high heat resistance, good light resistance and weatherability, Toxic and small. Different production methods of iron red have different crystal form (such as cubic, spherical, needle, hexagonal, diamond), particle size of its hue, color strength, etc. are also different.

Iron red production methods are many kinds of different production methods of iron red quality difference is very large. Dry production of iron red low price, poor wetting, difficult to disperse, does not apply to powder coatings. Wet production in the nitrate method of iron red use the best performance, high prices. Mixed acid and sulphate. Iron oxide red has the advantages of low cost and high stability, widely used in powder coating color.

② molybdenum chromium red molybdenum chromium red is a containing lead molybdate (PbMoO4), lead chromate (PbCrO4) and lead sulfate (PbSO4) color is more distinctive orange to red pigment. Tinting strength, hiding power performance, heat resistance is very good. In actual use, molybdenum chromium red pigment crystal crystal shape is easy to change, so that the color will change, light and weatherability is not very good, through its surface of the silica-coated coating products, light and weather resistance has a great Improved, can be used for outdoor products. Molybdenum red red contains heavy metals and can not be used for environmentally friendly products.

⑵ organic red pigment organic red pigment variety, hue with yellow phase red, red, blue and red and dark red and so on. Most organic pigments are azo pigments. The traditional azo pigments are strong in coloring, heat resistance, light resistance and hiding power are not very good, pigment migration is strong, not suitable for powder coating. Some azo starch varieties can withstand temperature around 180 ℃, such as: Pigment Red # 48: 1,2,3,4 and so on, the pigment is thin, light resistance and dispersion are not very good, low prices, can be used for indoor powder Paint. Pigment Red # 48: 1 for the bright yellow phase red, # 48: 2,3,4 for different degrees of blue phase red, # 48: 4 better performance. Most of the azo phenols AS have better resistance, the color of the yellow phase red, red and blue phase red, good light performance, such as powder paint commonly used pigment red # 170 F5RK and F3RK, the price is relatively modest, Can be used for light-resistant performance is not demanding outdoor powder coating. F5RK for the slightly dark red color, F3RK for the yellow phase red. Such as: condensation of azo, pyrrolopyrrole (DPP), anthraquinones and quinacridones and perylene red and some high-performance organic pigment red, with high temperature performance, excellent light and weather resistance , After surface treatment, its dispersion and hiding power than ordinary azo pigments greatly improved, the price is relatively high, suitable for demanding outdoor powder coating use.

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