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Red Pigment Variety Is Very Rich

Red pigment varieties are very rich, paint commonly used red pigment we divided it into inorganic red pigment and organic red pigment, inorganic red pigment iron oxide red, cadmium red, molybdenum chromium red. While the organic red pigment varieties more.

1, iron oxide red

Color from orange to purple. Good anti-optical, high temperature resistance, pollution-resistant gas, alkali, good coloring ability, hiding power, low prices. Use it to produce fine coating, can play the role of physical rust, can be used for a variety of anti-rust primer, can also be used for topcoat. Its shortcomings are not resistant to strong acid, the color with black, not bright enough.

As the iron-red manufacturing methods are different, the size and shape of the particles are different, so that the red iron color from red and yellow to red and purple tone changes, according to the different requirements of the paint to choose different colors of iron oxide red pigment.

When the particles of iron oxide red are ground to ≤ 0.01μm, the hiding power of the pigment in the organic medium is remarkably decreased. This pigment is called transparent iron oxide, which is used to make transparent paint or metallic flash paint. Better color retention.

2, cadmium red

Cadmium red is a mixture of cadmium sulfide and cadmium (3CdS • 2CdSe), typically 55% of sulfide and 45% of sun.

Chemical name: cadmium red

Chemical composition: cadmium sulfide cadmium

Pigment Index (Structure) No.: Pigment Red 108 (77202)

CAS Number: 12214-12-9

Appearance: red powder

Crystal: hexagonal, cubic crystal

Cadmium red pigment color is very full and bright, with good temperature resistance, alkali resistance, light and resistance to atmospheric performance, color strength and hiding power is also very good, the chromatographic range from yellow to red to purple sauce color. The higher the CdSe content in cadmium red, the stronger the red light and the darker the color. Cadmium red can be used for high temperature coatings, is also widely used in enamel, ceramics, glass, paint, plastic, art paint, printing ink, paper, leather, color gravel building materials and electronic materials and other industries.

3, molybdenum chromium red

Molybdenum red red is the mixed crystallization of lead molybdate and lead chromate, was bright red, with lead chromate orange, anti-optical activity, hiding power, good coloring.

Non-surface treatment of molybdenum chromium red weather resistance in general, but after the coating or pre-doping of molybdenum chromium red has good weather resistance and color retention, widely used in various types of construction machinery topcoat.

Molybdenum chromium red harmful heavy metals lead and chromium content is very high, with some standard regulations on all types of coatings on the harmful heavy metal content restrictions, must use environmentally friendly pigments to gradually replace.

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