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Red Pigment Is Used To Paint The Special Painting Of Red Paint

The red pigment is a special Red Pigment used for painting

Chinese painting red paint is also called Chinese painting Red Pigment, is used to paint the special painting of red paint. Now the sale of the general for the tube and paint blocks, there are pigments.

The traditional Chinese painting Red Pigment, which is generally divided into two categories of mineral pigments and plant pigments, from the use of history, should first have minerals, after plants, like ink first smoke, after the smoke. Ancient rock paintings on the left behind the bright color, according to the test, found that the use of mineral pigments (such as cinnabar), mineral pigments is a significant feature is not easy to fade, colorful, read Zhang Daqian years of painting most of this impression , A large area of stone green, stone green, cinnabar can make people lifted! Plant pigments are mainly extracted from the trees and flowers.

Chemical Red Pigment

(Different from the boxed hose, but also for the block, Jiang Sijie Tang production)

1, eosin

2, crimson

3, red

The first and second categories are pure natural produce, except for foreign infrared (which was originally introduced from Mexico), is the true sense of the traditional Chinese painting Red Pigment. Three categories of modern chemical synthetic pigments, can still be used up.

We are now the most used when the number of Shanghai Mali Industrial Painting Co., Ltd. production of "Mally" Chinese painting pigments, easy to use, but easy to fade.

In general, a class for the powder, with the need to add gelatin, two, three categories can be soaked in water for a while, the use of more convenient.

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