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Range Of Uses And Applications Of Iron Oxide Yellow

1, iron oxide yellow pigment on various kinds of concrete precast products and building materials as a pigment or coloring agent, the application calls directly into cement. Variety of indoor and outdoor color concrete surfaces, such as walls, floors, ceilings, pillars, porch, roads, parking lots, ladder, station; a variety of architectural ceramics and glass ceramics, tiles, tiles, tiles, panels, terrazzo, mosaic tiles, marble, etc.
2, yellow iron oxide pigments for coloring in a variety of coatings and protective substances, including water based Interior and exterior wall coating, powder coating, or you can apply oil paint include oxygen, amino alkyd, primer and paint; can also be used in toy paint, decorative paint, furniture varnish, paint and enamel.
3, yellow iron oxide pigments for the colouring of the plastic product, thermosets and thermoplastics, and coloring of rubber products, such as automobile inner tubes, aircraft tire, bicycle inner tubes and so on.
4, widely used in the construction of artificial colouring of the marble, the terrazzo. Is watercolor, oils, paints, rubber, pigment. Used as intermediates for iron oxide pigments, such as ferric oxide, black and so on.

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