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Organic Pigments Compared With The General Inorganic Pigments

  Organic pigments are insoluble organic compounds that refer to a class of pigments made from organic compounds having a color and other series of pigment properties. Often the substrate is colored with a high dispersion. Pigment pile all the coloring objects are no affinity, mainly by resin, adhesives and other film-forming substances and coloring objects together. / Pigment in the course of the use of the process due to insoluble in the use of the media, so always the original crystal state exists, so the color of the pigment itself represents its color on the substrate. Pigment characteristics include light fastness, water immersion, acid, alkali resistance, organic solvents, heat resistance, crystal stability, dispersibility and hiding power.

  Organic pigments compared with the general inorganic pigments, usually have a high color strength, easy to grinding and dispersion of particles, not easy to precipitate, the color is also more bright, but the light, heat resistance, poor weather resistance. Organic pigments are commonly used for the coloring of materials such as inks, coatings, rubber products, plastic products, cultural and educational supplies and building materials.

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