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Organic Pigments Are Bright Color, Strong Coloring, Non-toxic

  Organic pigments are bright color, strong coloring, non-toxic, but some varieties of light, heat resistance, solvent resistance and migration is often less than inorganic pigments.

  Color variety of varieties of endless, colorful, but a variety of colors there is a certain intrinsic connection, each color can be used to determine 3 parameters, namely, hue, lightness and saturation. Hue is the color of mutual distinction between the characteristics, determined by the light source of the composition and the surface of the object emitted by each wavelength on the human eye, can distinguish between red, yellow, green,Organic Pigment blue, purple and other characteristics. Lightness, also known as brightness, is the characteristic value that indicates the change of light and shade on the surface of an object; By comparing the lightness of a variety of colors, the color has a clear and dark point. Saturation, also known as color, is the characteristic value of the color of the surface of the object, so that the color has a bright and dark. Hue, lightness and saturation form a stereo, and with these three scales, we can measure colors with numbers. The color of nature is ever-changing, but the most basic is red, yellow,Organic Pigment blue three kinds, called the primary color.

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