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Organic Pigment Manufacturers Is How To Save Paint

Organic pigments manufacturers today to talk about the preservation and use of paint pigment. Paint is also very widely used in daily, in some cases, due to the purchase of more, not used up, but I was afraid it bad, don't know how to be good. Faced with this situation, our organic pigment manufacturers suggest that you do the following:
Unused paint, cover caps, placed in a cool, dry place (summer in the cool bottle covered with wet towels, cloth). General allowance more of situation Xia save half around, allowance less of words save of time will reduction short, in pigment long time without Hou, took out wants to again using, can with finger dip about pigment surface, if also has viscous can added water or transfers diluted, if full no viscous that on only is very reported apologized, pigment has into film, and cannot again diluted has!
Adjust the use of
Many people may ask, do we need to use a special transfer, organic pigment manufacturers now have a solution here, acrylic paints can be diluted with water, of course, you can also use transfers, using transfer paints paintings in color better than the water, lit. Fade the perfect cherry blossom experiment, there is little difference. But feel there is a big difference with prescription than without much hard adjustment. Textile paint is best to use dispensing diluted because of color fastness of textiles than acrylic paint, need to add swap to enhance fixation. Using the difference between prescription and diluted acrylic paint and close.

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