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Organic Pigment As A Color Paint Can Be Modulated A Variety Of Colors

Organic pigments are mainly used for leather paint, high-grade plastic resin, paint printing, soft plastic products, synthetic fiber coloring. Heat 300-450 light resistance 8, resistant to migration 5, pure color full, strong coloring, good color fastness , Excellent solvent resistance, excellent thermal stability, resistance to high temperature of 300 degrees, excellent weather resistance, with high resistance to light fastness, good dispersion, easy to modulation, easy to use, as a color paint can be modulated out A variety of colors, safety and environmental protection.

Pigment characteristics include light fastness, water immersion, acid, alkali resistance, organic solvents, heat resistance, crystal stability, dispersibility and hiding power. The difference between an organic pigment and a dye is that it has no affinity for the object to be colored and the object is colored only by adhering the organic pigment to the surface of the object or by mixing it inside the object by means of an adhesive or a film-forming substance. Its production of intermediates, production equipment and synthetic processes are similar to the production of dyes, so often organic pigments in the dye industry in the production. Organic pigments compared with the general inorganic pigments, usually have a high color strength, easy to grinding and dispersion of particles, not easy to precipitate, the color is also more bright, but the light, heat resistance, poor weather resistance. Organic pigments are commonly used for the coloring of materials such as inks, coatings, rubber products, plastic products, cultural and educational supplies and building materials.

Organic pigments

1, ink: for lithography, table printed NC / PA, printed CL-PP, resistant to cooking, printing iron, water-based ink Features: transparent, fastness good;

2, paint: organic paint for paint, since the dry, car OEM, car repair, toy paint, industrial paint, powder coating, coil, architectural coatings Features: high transparency, high concentration, easy to disperse;

3, plastic: for PVC, LDPE, PPHDPE, PU, ABS, PPFiber, nylon 66, rubber, etc .;

4, printing and dyeing: paint printing characteristics of bright color paste, strong coloring.

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