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Discussion On The Relationship Between Particle Size And Properties Of Organic Pigment

Discussion on the Relationship between Particle Size and Properties of Organic Pigment

Organic pigment particle size has a very close relationship with its properties, it will affect the organic pigment color strength, color, transparency, weather resistance and solvent resistance and gloss. Here Xiaobian together to understand the next bar

First, the color strength, shade

The decrease in the average particle size of the organic pigment can result in an increase in the coloring strength, that is, the chromaticity depends largely on the dispersion level of the pigment. The color strength is not only dependent on the size of the particle size, but also in relation to the shape of the particles, usually in the form of flakes or slender particles to better absorb the light, showing a higher molar extinction coefficient; and vice versa Particles are not conducive to the absorption of light.

Second, transparency

The particle size of the organic pigment is an important factor affecting its transparency. To make the application medium non-transparent, in addition to the obvious difference in the refractive index between the dispersion medium and the pigment particles, the scattering of light with the pigment particles Role related. When the particle size of the pigment is half the wavelength of the light, that is, when the pigment particle diameter is 0.2 to 0.5 μm, the scattering ability of light is strongest, which can lead to high non-transparency of the hiding power. When the average particle size of the pigment dispersion is smaller than This value, such as particle size 0.015 ~ 0.025μm was transparent, the pigment color strength is also high.

Third, weatherability and solvent resistance

Weather fastness is one of the properties of pigment durability as well as the basic application properties of high grade organic pigments. The reaction rate is mainly related to the chemical structure, but also with the particle size of the pigment particles, that is, the specific surface area of the pigment is usually related to the specific surface area of the fine particles, and the weatherability is poor The In addition, as paint and plastic coloring pigments should still have excellent solvent resistance and migration resistance, the performance and pigment molecular structure, the type of substituents and particle surface polarity, while the pigment particle size will also affect its solvent performance.

Four, glossy

The particle size of the pigment does not only affect the color strength, transparency, shade, weather fastness, solvent resistance, but also has a certain influence on the gloss of the colored coating film, and of course, Has an important relationship. When the pigment particles are spherical and have a particle size in the range of 0.01 to 1 μm, a smoother surface coating film may be formed and may be related to the shape of the pigment particles, in particular the length / width ratio of the needle-like or rod-like particles An important role.

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