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Deep Analysis Of The Mysteries Of Organic Pigments And Inorganic Pigments

Deep analysis of the mysteries of organic pigments and inorganic pigments

Organic pigments in our lives is everywhere, it is mainly used in coatings, inks, printing and dyeing, plastic products, paper, rubber products and ceramics and other industries, with the rapid development of the times, the demand for pigments growing, China's pigment industry development prospects are very broad.

We often find some food distinguish between organic and inorganic, pigment is no exception, it is divided into two kinds of organic pigments and inorganic pigments, then, what is the difference between the two pigments?

First of all, we talk about the characteristics of the pigment, the pigment is a colored fine particles of powder material, generally insoluble in water, oil, solvents and resins and other media, can be dispersed in a variety of media. Pigments are organic or inorganic, colored, white or black substances, dispersed in the medium almost insoluble. Color pigments are divided into organic pigments and inorganic pigments. The characteristics of each of the past can be used to distinguish its type. For example, organic pigments are usually transparent. However, modern manufacturing techniques can provide a variety of properties without having to rely on their chemical properties, for example, we can now produce highly opaque organic pigments. Inorganic pigments are natural products, but they also need to be modified for the manufacture of pigments. All white pigments are inorganic, widely used in color deployment. Organic pigments appear relatively relatively, although in the Middle Ages there are natural dyes mixed in inorganic matter (such as red) for artistic colors (such as deep red and crimson), but the real organic pigment is in the early 20th century, divided into Two types, plant pigments and animal pigments.

The above is the difference between organic pigments and inorganic pigments, I hope you do not blind when buying, first want to clear their own use, make judgments, to choose.

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