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Classification Of Organic Pigment Pigments Introduced

Organic pigment titanium dioxide is by far the largest amount of inorganic pigment for plastics coloring agent. Ultrafine titanium dioxide Nano not only play a role in coloring can also play a role in sterilization. Poor dispersibility of titanium dioxide, generally use the organic additives on the surface of certain treatments, organic additives generally chosen triethanol amine, sorbitol, mannitol and polyethylene glycol, polypropylene glycol, alkyl chloride n-hexane, esters, fatty acid derivatives, and so on.
Carbon black is second only to the inorganic pigment for plastics coloring agent titanium dioxide. Classification of carbon black by processing methods, variety, used as a pigment called "colour black." Not only has the coloring properties of carbon black, also has excellent weatherability and resistance to thermal oxidation. Correct selection of black carbon can also increase the conductivity and dielectric properties of polymers.
Cadmium pigments based on cadmium sulfide is exceptionally stable inorganic pigments as the main component, the colour spectrum is very wide, from pale yellow to orange-red, red, until the purple color, mainly Orange, cadmium yellow, cadmium red, cadmium and cadmium purple.
Cadmium pigments bright with light, fast; excellent weather resistance; heat; hiding power; stain; not migrating, color bleeding and other features, it can be used for nearly all engineering plastics coloring.

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