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Classification And Development Of Organic Pigments

  Classification and Development of Organic Pigments

  Organic pigments have a wide variety of chromatograms and have different classification methods.

  (1) According to its chromatography can be divided into: yellow orange pigment, red (with yellow, green) pigments, purple, Organic Pigment brown pigments and green pigments.

  (2) According to its application areas can be divided into: paint with paint, ink with pigments, plastic (rubber) with pigments, cosmetics with four categories of pigments.

  (3) according to their chemical structure type classification, can be divided into azo, phthalocyanine and heterocyclic class 3 categories.

  1.1 azo pigments

  Azo pigments are pigments containing "-NN-" in the molecular structure of the pigment. The varieties of the largest structure, the largest output, rich in chromatography, mainly yellow, orange, red varieties, according to its structure can be divided into four categories.

  (1) insoluble monoazo pigments. Pigment molecular structure contains only one azo group (R-NN-R '), such pigments do not dissolve in water, Organic Pigment its acid, alkali, excellent seepage resistance, light resistance is acceptable, but heat, solvent Slightly worse performance. Representative varieties are light fast yellow G (Han Sha yellow G) PY1, fast yellow 10G (Han Sha yellow 10G) PY3, permanent orange RNP.O.5, toluidine red PR3, permanent red F4RP. R.8, toluidine purple PR13. But there are some light resistance, heat resistance, solvent resistance is better in the high-grade pigment varieties such as: permanent red FRRP.R.2; permanent red FGRP.R.112; permanent pink FBBP.R.146; Solid red F3RKP.R.170 and other varieties.

  (2) insoluble disazo pigment. (R'-NN-R-NN-R ") in the molecular structure of the pigment.As the relative molecular mass of the pigment structure increases, the performance of the pigment is improved, and the heat resistance and solvent resistance of the kind are all Is excellent, and the coloring concentration is high, Organic Pigment the typical varieties are: benzidine yellow GP.Y.12; permanent yellow GRP.Y.13; permanent yellow GP.Y.14; permanent yellow HRP.Y.83; Solid Orange GP.O.13; Evergreen Orange F2GP.O.34.

  (3) azo lake pigments (poorly soluble azo pigments). This type of pigment in the manufacturing process through the metal salt from the lake. This kind of pigment is bright and bright, and it has poor resistance to water permeability, and has good heat resistance and solvent resistance. Because of its excellent light resistance, it is less used in coatings with high weatherability. Representative varieties are mainly P.R.49 Li Sol red; barium salt lake; P.R.48 fast red (2B series of red varieties) are: fast red BBN barium salt lake yellow red P.R.48:

  1; light fast red BBC calcium salt lake blue light red P.R.48

  2; fast red BBS strontium salt lake large red light P.R.48

  3; light fast red BBM manganese salt lake P.R.48

  4; golden light red C, yellow light red PR53 barium salt lake; Li Bao Baohong BK (magenta 4B) PR57, blue red calcium purple lake; Organic Pigment light sun red S2BL barium salt lake yellow red PR243, the Variety of heat resistance can reach 210 ℃.

  (4) Condensed azo pigments (macromolecular pigments). Since the relative molecular mass of the pigment is larger than that of the ordinary azo pigment and the molecular structure has two or more amide groups, the physical properties of the pigment Performance has improved better. Light resistance to 7, and has excellent heat resistance and solvent resistance, Organic Pigment is a high-grade pigment varieties. Can be used for fastness performance requirements of high coating varieties: such as macromolecules yellow GRLP.Y.166; macromolecule red RP.R.166; macromolecule red BRP.R.144; macromolecular brown 5RP.Br.23.

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