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China's Organic Pigment Industry Development Need To Accelerate Research And Development

  China's organic pigment industry development need to accelerate research and development

  Experts on the development of organic pigments industry in China made the following recommendations:

  1, the implementation of "total control", moderate compression of low-grade products. This is conducive to the optimization of industrial structure and rationalization of the layout and speed up the production of intensive, group, organic pigment base of the process and enhance the competitiveness of China's organic pigment industry is to promote China's organic pigment industry into a new 21st century important initiatives.

  2, to enhance the awareness of commercialization, the development of organic pigments commercialization technology. At present, most enterprises in our country only pay attention to the development and production of new varieties, and did not attach importance to the process of converting products into commodities. The same chemical structure, the same product, our product application performance, product quality and product prices and foreign companies vary greatly. We must realize that the technological transformation of old products, product quality and quality improvement and increase the product dosage form on the survival and development of enterprises and broaden the product market is essential, and enhance the awareness of commercialization, the development of organic pigment commercial technology is to increase the brand , Improve the product structure, improve product performance, organic pigment one of the important ways, relative to the development of new chemical structure is more practical and important. First of all, we must pay attention to the improvement of existing product quality and grade, which is an urgent need for an important work.

  3, according to market needs, accelerate the development of new varieties of organic pigments.

  (1) Reducing Dye Pigment Varieties: C. I. Pigment Blue 60 (C.I. Reducing Blue 4, Reducing Blue RSN), C. I. Pigment Red 181 (C.I. Reduced Red 1, Reduced Pink R), C. I. Pigment Yellow 24 (C. I. Reduced Yellow 1, Reduced Yellow G), C I. Pigment Yellow 108 (C.I. Reduced Yellow 20, Reduced Yellow 4GF), C I. Pigment Red 177 and so on.

  (DPP pigments): DPP pigments are a kind of yellow, orange and red heterocyclic organic pigments with H-type conjugated chromophores developed by a company in Switzerland in recent years. Because of its molecular The main varieties are R-254, 264 and 272, organic pigment especially for high-grade automotive coatings and plastic coloring, it may become a high-grade roots of the United States, the use of high-grade automotive coatings and plastic coloring, although the low molecular weight, but with excellent light resistance, heat resistance and solvent resistance The main varieties of the material.

  (3) benzimidazoline / benzimidazolone: PY-180, PO-36, PY-185 / PY-151,181, PO-64

  (4) Azo-condensed pigments (macromolecular pigments): PY-128, PR-144, 166, 242, etc.

  4, optimize the synthesis technology. In the pigment synthesis process, adding additives to the pigment surface treatment and modification, can change the nature of pigment particles or show better application performance. In the azo pigment production process, the use of hybrid coupling technology can not only improve product performance (transparency, color strength, mobility, etc.), and can meet the user's special requirements of products (shade, etc.). The known structure of organic pigment production methods to improve the application of organic pigments to improve performance, but also the use of low-cost raw materials to get high-yield, organic pigment high-quality products. Such as water or inorganic acid instead of organic solvent synthesis quinacridone, can reduce production costs, but also improve the quality of the product.

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