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Characteristics Of Iron Oxide Yellow

1, yellow iron oxide ultrafine particle size and particle size distribution for uniform size iron oxide yellow 80-150nm, 100 times times than yellow iron oxide pigments. Yellow iron oxide particle size 5x70nm.
2, yellow iron oxide hiding power and color the most. Iron oxide red in production process has control particles of average grain diameter reached best value, that grain diameter in visible wavelength (400-700nm) of half following, in light of diffraction and cover Zhijian up best balance, both guarantee has products of super strong fine degrees, and guarantee has products particles on visible transmission rate low, and reflection rate strong, iron oxide yellow reached pigment has highest cover force and coloring force of performance. This is different from the common red iron oxide and iron oxide yellow essence.
3, high transparent yellow iron oxide. Due to its specific particle size, shape and high tinting strength, high dispersion, thus changing the transparency of film and high levels of UV.
4, bright, beautiful color. Iron oxide yellow particles by size all controls in the context of minimal size difference less than 50nm, narrow the range of absorption and reflection of light, and pure tone, color, colorful, beautiful.
5, yellow iron oxide dispersion is good. Due to its production process to control and handle the iron oxide yellow particles, so the products are fine, no agglomeration of particles, easy to disperse. Yellow iron oxide surface treatment can also be required to form Lipophilic and hydrophilic two series or made of high-grade aqueous paste and other products.

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