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Application Of New Technology Of Organic Pigment Production

  Application of New Technology of Organic Pigment Production

  With the expansion of the scale of organic pigments, the increase in the degree of automation, the use of computers is becoming popular. Computer-controlled azo pigments, phthalocyanine green, phthalocyanine blue workshop have been completed and put into production. Computer-controlled automatic unmanned warehouse, synthetic test of the temperature control device, automatic titration analysis, test data records have been used. Organic Pigment With the control of the process of filtration, drying equipment has emerged in the new workshop, solid material delivery, crushing, mixing, packaging has been linked to become a production line.

  Continued coupling of industrial installations has also been put into operation. A new method of making phthalocyanine blue by one step is being studied. Auxiliary material recycling application, to achieve closed-loop, to solve the "three wastes" approach has been phthalocyanine blue industrial devices to achieve. Organic Pigment The pigment crystals of two or more different chemical structures are treated so that one crystal is dissolved in another crystal to form a solid solution to obtain a new pigment species.

  The organic pigment is treated with the surface of the synthetic resin

  The pigment treated with synthetic resin is particularly suitable for the preparation of plastic masterbatches. Organic Pigment There are also some advantages in the use of paint or ink.

  The amount of synthetic resin used can be similar to the average amount of surface treatment agent, but also the amount of up to 20% of the examples.

  First add a small amount of surfactant in the filter cake, grinding in the ball mill, then add the synthetic resin emulsion, and then appropriate heating, or add a small amount of electrolyte demulsification, and then through the filter, rinse, dry, Organic Pigment crushed and other processes, Resin-treated pigments.

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