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Analysis On The Development Of Organic Pigment Industry

Organic pigments are accompanied by the progress of organic dye technology and gradually developed, and the formation of a special performance, relatively independent organic coloring material, widely used in the field of ink, paint and plastics. Organic pigments are different from dyes, do not dissolve in water and use media. They are colored in a highly dispersed particulate state. Their application properties depend not only on the chemical structure, but also on the size, distribution, Surface area and other properties are closely related.

With technological advances, the demand for high-grade organic pigments and pigments with special features is increasing.

Organic pigments industry technology development and other industries, due to the growing application of organic pigments made new, higher requirements, thus greatly promoting the organic pigment technology to the depth of development. The requirements for their products can be summarized as: high-grade products that meet the metal surface coating durability, weather fastness, heat resistance, solvent resistance and resistance to migration and other requirements; organic pigment formulations, the development of a special Application performance of the special products, that is developed with high purity, specific crystal form of special functional organic pigments. At the same time, the concept of environmental protection will be fully integrated into the organic pigment production, trade and consumption of every link. Therefore, the organic pigment industry is facing enormous challenges, there is also a broad space for development.

Increasing the variety of high-grade organic pigments to meet the application areas of high-performance products, the organic pigment industry will be the future development trend. High-grade organic pigment is characterized by macromolecule structure, the synthesis of such products complex, high technical requirements. Statistics show that in 2002 global organic pigment production of 230,000 t, of which high-grade organic pigment production of 35,000 t, accounting for production of 15.3%; total output in 2001 to 210,000 t, high-end product output of 18,000 t, accounting for 8% The This shows that in recent years the world's total output of organic pigments industry is not much growth, but high-grade organic pigment product output, variety and specifications are greatly improved. Although the proportion of high-grade organic pigment production in total output is not large, but because of high-grade organic pigment production contains high-tech and high performance, resulting in high value-added, and its output value than mid-range organic pigments, and the total output Half of the low-grade organic pigment equivalent output value.

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