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Analysis Of Organic Pigments Used In Printing

Analysis of Organic Pigments Used in Printing

With the progress of science and technology, in the production of printing, with no longer just some of the paint, now with the most organic pigment, and in the printing with organic pigments, can make printing look more beautiful, realistic The Here we take a look at the organic pigment in the printing method.

1, transfer printing

Organic pigments are first printed on the gold point of inorganic pigments printed on paper, made of transfer printing paper, and then through the high temperature (heating pressure on the back of the paper) to transfer the color to the fabric, generally used for chemical fiber fabrics, Bright, delicate level, flower style realistic, artistic, but the process is currently only applicable to a small number of polyester and other synthetic fibers.

2, shrink printing

The use of printing methods in the fabric on the local application of the fiber can expand or shrink the chemical, organic pigments through appropriate treatment, the printing site of the fiber and non-printing parts of the fiber expansion or contraction of the difference, so as to obtain the surface of the product The

3, discharge printing

The use of impermeable dye agent dyed color, drying, with a disinfectant or containing both the quality of the agent containing the dye dye printing, post-processing, printing place where the dye was destroyed and decolorization, the formation of The white pattern on the color or the colored pattern formed by the dyed dye.

The above is the organic pigment in the printing method. With the continuous progress of science and technology, I believe that in the future, technology will become more mature.

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