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Using fluorescent pigments in plastic may seem simple but in fact difficult

1. plastic processing problems
One of the most common technical problems when using fluorescent pigments are sticking. Generally, sticking occurs because resin oligomer group in, and fluorescent dye, a kind of small molecular weight organic substances when heated to decomposition and precipitation from the polymer, stain stuck screws and other metal parts.
To address this problem, stain color processing processors and manufacturers, all appropriate measures have been taken. Former molecular weight from the colouring, and tried to change the molecular weight distribution on the one hand, on the other hand is trying to reduce the low-molecular-weight components, thus reducing the chance of decomposition and precipitation. Suppliers of color and additive processing companies, is trying to develop additives aimed at reducing sticking phenomenon.
Using fluorescent pigments may also experience thermal stability, and match the resin and other issues. Fluorescent pigment manufacturer, always trying to find ways to improve processing performance.
2. fluorescent pigment for plastics coloring problems
Plastic fluorescent pigments used on is the use of fluorescent dyes dispersed in a specific polymer resin, fluorescent pigment transfer does not occur. Since 1970, using a complex system of polyamide resin so that the thermal stability of fluorescent pigments was 305, recent developments and success based on polyester fluorescent pigments, its thermal stability up to more than 285 ℃.

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