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Organic pigments manufacturers talk about application of organic pigment in printing industry

1, transfer printing
Organic pigments manufacturers by using inorganic pigment printing gold printing on paper, transfer printing paper made, through high-temperature (heat and pressure on the paper) transferred to the fabric color, commonly used for synthetic fabrics, features a bright colour, delicate, flower realistic, artistic strong, but this process only applies to few synthetic fibres such as polyester.
2, discharge printing
Organic pigments manufacturers choose not the dye color of discharge agent, after drying, with discharge agent or contain pull-resistant dye color dye printing paste printing, after processing, printing dye is destroyed and achromatic, formed the floor of white pattern or color pattern formed color dyes dyeing.
3, wrinkled printing:
Organic pigments manufacturers imposed on fabrics by printing a local fiber expansion or contraction of the chemicals through appropriate handling of organic pigments, printing parts of fiber and non-fiber expansion or contraction of the printed parts difference, resulting in regular convex pattern on the surface of the product.

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