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Organic pigments in use

Organic pigments used for coloring various substrates, during the coloring process, owing to the different nature of the substrate, organic pigment requirements are different. For example, printing ink stain would require organic pigment with good transparency; if the paint color. Requires organic pigment with good covering power, requires the application of organic pigment pigments of organic pigment processing. Organic pigments are applied to tiny particles uniformly dispersed in the media, although the molecular structure of organic pigments on their applications could play an important role, but the physical properties of solids has a great effect on its application. Organic pigments dispersed in a certain medium, pigment particle size and absorption coefficient of relationship.
Current industry methods of organic pigment Ultramarine: acid solution, the soreness, milling and kneading, solvents and surfactants. -Acid-dissolution method and swelling method is adjusting the paint in acidic medium particle size, Crystal form and surface condition:-acid-dissolution method: according to most of the pigment and inorganic acids (such as 98%) to salt at lower temperature and dissolved in it, and then diluted with water, with salt hydrolysis regenerate the insoluble pigment particles and precipitation. Precipitation process, add a specific active agents or additives, or control certain factors (such as temperature) can target the purpose of pigment particle size.

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