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Organic pigments in actual operation, be sure to pay attention to these five points

Base material water, coatings, plastics, fibers, cement, final product can be a liquid or solid, due to the dispersion of small gaps and the error of the instrument in different locations, different time measurements, the measured data are different. Actually, organic pigment color of determination in the to fast determination, also is made flow of pigment pulp, made "wet film" for determination, due to pigment particles of not uniform sex, business film Hou pigment particles of density different, on base material Zhijian exists of various force of role, will in "wet film" in the for particles of flow, for with dynamic again distribution, makes each moments by measuring of color data different. In order to stabilise the determination of numbers, "equivalent sample" is particularly important. To determine the accuracy of comparing two color but also do "equal measure" in practice to pay attention to the following points:
1. exhibition of selected high viscosity agent, organic pigment particle distribution difficulties;
2.Try to avoid operating errors, careful sample preparation;
3. from sample preparation to determine not only requires a quick and really fixed;
4.selected under strict conditions of grinding machines;
5. models to select reliable, error, so the measured data is reliable. Will find in the actual measurement, some instruments data reproducibility is poor, no matter how fine samples, equivalent measurements, not to mention the data is different compared with the standard sample, even if the same sample several measured data, are likely to exceed the prescribed and samples of color values.

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