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Organic pigments for paint color code share

1, as far as possible choose red, yellow, blue, white, and black five fundamental colors for color matching, this can also be called the basic color scheme colors;
2, selection features colored pigment mixed with similar color schemes as far as possible, avoid paints using a structure or change occurred when the coating color changes;
3, when detailed color schemes, select brightness watchword as far as possible the same color coloring pigments to color, this will constitute a main time, harmony of light and shade of paint color;
4, the watchword density difference between the colored organic pigments should not be too large; density is too large, will affect the coloring of paints in specific physical and aesthetic;
Shouldn't attack response between 5, coloring pigments, such as lead, copper, mercury pigment mixed with sulfur-containing pigments available color turns black; color red c with chrome yellow mixed, faded Red;
6, when the paint color, paints of bright to progress, few dyes to paint color pure progress, to participate in a large covering force of white paint to disguise paint a few noise;
7, the same coating systems, types of paint pigments should not be too much, avoid the noise, make the paint luster Dim.

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