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Organic pigment wastewater

In the process of production of organic pigments, produces wastewater of organic pigments. It tied acid wastewater containing organic compounds and properties of sodium acetic acid and other substances. Other industrial waste water is purified by precipitation with metal ions to, but wastewater of organic pigments with a metal ion precipitation but it didn't work. It needs to use coagulation sedimentation and biochemical treatment combination approach to governance.
Reducing wastewater BOD and COD in the main method for Biochemistry treatment method, which is the use of aerobic or anaerobic micro-organisms decompose organic compounds effectively. Specific methods can be divided into activated sludge, biofilm and biological pond law three categories. High treatment efficiency of activated sludge, biofilm microorganisms attached to a solid surface is used to process organic matter, some equipment is smaller, biological pond is to use a large number of microorganisms to transform organic matter and play a role in diluting BOD, lower operating costs, but covers a lot.

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