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Cover of organic pigments

Coverage is one of the most important optical properties of organic pigments, when the organic pigments dispersed in the media when a film is formed, opacity of the film entirely produced by pigment, evaluating pigment coverage is actually evaluation of pigment in the coating's ability to cover the substrate.
Coatings (paints) coverage generally expressed as mass per unit volume, or coatings (paints) can cover the surface area (the coverage rate) (m2/L or m2/Kg), the standard in China, to cover the minimum amount of paint required per unit area. Corresponding amount converted the paint pigments. Pigment coverage is defined as the unit mass of paint can cover the area of the substrate, usually just covered substrate pigments required minimum volume per unit area (g/m2).
When measured by reflectance method, paint on black and white-coated substrates, measuring RB (on dark ground reflectance) and RW (white reflection rate), as the film thickness increases, RB/RW (ratio) is changed, when the film thickness increased to RB/RW = 0.98, considered to be fully covered. Therefore, coverage of organic pigments can also be defined as the ratio of CR = 0.98, organic pigments used by volume per unit area.

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